Table of Contents

  1. Basic information
  2. Additional information for software developers


1. Basic information

"Properties Slider" is Visual Composer Element. You can use it to display Slider with Property Listings on it in an easy and responsive way (It will look good on mobile, tablets).

1. Adding "Property Slider”

1.1. Add "Property Slider"

2. Customize settings

3. Choose style:

a) card

b) card short

c) transparent

4. Customize what type of estates you want to display on the slider

2. Additionally, add listing

2.1. Click "+" on center of the slider

2.2. Add "Property Listings"

3. You will see "Property Listings Settings". Customize it and save.

4. Save Changes


2. Additional information for software developers

MyHome Property Sliders is based on the jQuery version of Revolution Slider - Because it is stored in theme files, it is not possible to edit its graphic design via standard WordPress Revolution Slider panel ( /wp-admin/ left sidebar >> Revolution Slider).

Our team had to develop this module this way because in WordPress Revolution Slider it is not possible to use PHP functions to display price (a function that takes raw number 1000000 from the database and format it + add currency to create price: $1.000.000 - this kind operations are not allowed so we had to do it a different way.

Additionally, we wanted to add more flexibility for admin to choose which properties to display and it was not possible with default interface. Now because of this decision, you can customize everything in the "Default Values"

Generally speaking, Revolution Slider is the backbone for Property Slider and it cannot be modified via Revolution Slider panel in the /wp-admin/ only via Visual Composer interface as above.