There are 4 social logins available

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Account (Gmail)
  4. Linkedin

In this article we will explain how to configure Social Login for our domain: . If you install your WordPress in the subfolder e.g. there is no difference in the process

1. Facebook

1. We visit 

2. Hover My Apps and click "Add New App"

3. Choose (1) Display Name, (2) type your email and (3) Create APP ID

4. If there will be security check, please complete it:

5. Setup Facebook Login

6. Choose WEB

7. Type Your Site URL (please domain only, do not type sub-folder or page link)

8. Go to Settings > Basic

9. Add domain

10. Provide Private Policy URL (it is required by Facebook to make APP Status Live) - in our case it is this page:

11. Add more information: App Icon (not required), Business use and category

12. Click Save Changes when you are done


13. Visit Advanced and set options same as demo example - it is very important to choose "Social Discovery" OFF


14. Scroll down and add domain to your domain manager


15. Type domain and set "Exact Match" + Apply

16. Visit Your Theme Options to obtain your Facebook callback link and copy it

17. Visit Facebook Login > Settings

18. Paste this link into: "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" and set other field same way as image below

19. Save Changes

20. Copy Your APP ID and Secret Key Into MyHome Theme:


21. Change APP status

22. Confirm




2. Twitter


1. Please visit 

2. Click "Create New APP"

3. Visit your MyHome Theme > Users > Social Login and Register and copy the Twitter callback link

4. Fill the form

Remember to add a callback URL because it is required to make Twitter login works correctly.

5. Check developer agreements and "Create your Twitter Application"

6. Add link to you privacy policy and terms of service in your app

7. Visit Permissions, set to "Read Only" and check "Request email addresses from users" and click update settings


8. Visit Keys and Access Tokens and copy it into Your MyHome





3. Google Account (Gmail)

1. Visit: 

2. Click "Configure a project" button

3. Click Create a new Project

4. Enter a new project name

5. Enter the name visible for your visitors and click next

6. Set "Web server" (not "Web browsers") and type your callback URL. You can find this link in the /wp-admin/ > MyHome Theme > Users > Social login and register > Google callback link

7. Copy Client ID and Client Secret into your MyHome


and save changes

8. Go back to your App configuration and click "Done"

9. Visit

10. Choose your project end enable Gmail API


11. Back

12. Back

13. Enable "Google People API"





4. Linkedin

1. Please visit 

2. Click My Apps

3. Click "Create application"

4. Fill all required fields and submit form e.g.

5. Copy Client ID and Client Secret into your MyHome Theme

6. Click MyHome Theme - "Save Changes"

7. Copy Linkedin Callback url

8. Paste it into app and click ADD

9. Check "r_emailaddress"

10. Click "Update"

Copy LinkedIn Call back url

5. Add LinkedIn "Redirect URLs" that can be found in your MyHome Theme >> Users >> Social Login and Register