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Below you can find list of IDX Broker templates that are styled by MyHome. Clicking on the link will send you to the "MyHome styled" IDX Broker template:

Address - use searchAddress template version: 1.002

Advanced Search - use Basic template version: 1.005

Basic Search - use simple template version: 1.003

Email Update Signup - use simple template version: 1.003

Listing ID - use searchListingID template version: 1.002

Map Search - use mapsearch template version: 1.000

Results - use mobileFirstResults template version: 1.006

Details - use detailsDynamic template version: 1.008

Mortgage Calculator - use mobileFirstMortgage template version: 1.002

Photo Gallery - use  photogallery template version: 1.002

Contact - use contact template version: 1.004

 Home Valuation - use contact template version: 1.004

More Info - use contact template version: 1.004

 Schedule Showing - use contact template version: 1.004

User Panel - use My Listings Manager template version: 2.000

User Login - use userlogin template version: 1.001

User Signup - use usersignup template version: 1.002

Roster (not available for single agent account) - use rosterContent template version: 1.001