This article explains how to create new IDX Broker wrapper. We will use as an example of "Contact" page to illustrate it:

1. Add new Page


2. Type title of the new page


3. Choose template e.g. "Left Sidebar Page with Top Title" and click the "Publish" button


5. Visit Front-end editor


6. Add Element "IDX Broker Wrapper". It will work the same way as HTML code: <div id="idxStart"></div><div id="idxStop"></div> - you can read more about it



7. Save it and update a page

8. Return to classic mode and copy the link to this page:


9. Visit your IDX Broker account

10. Paste new url to the contact wrapper


11. Important - Please make sure there is no "empty space" before and after the link


11. Save changes


12. Open your "Contact" page


13. You should see your new wrapper integrated


14. Important - please remember that if you change your wrapper e.g. add new elements above it and "update a page"


You will see this changes only when you clear wrapper cache. Cache is used to make your website load faster and it is why it need to be cleared manually this way:


It should works immediately after clearing cache