When you clicked "Import IDX Broker Dynamic Wrappers" button 

MyHome automatically added ~30 pages for you

and set URLs in the IDX Broker Wrappers Manager e.g.


4 IDX Broker Dynamic Wrappers cannot be set automatically via API and you need to be set it manually to make it looks the same as demo example:

A. Agent Bio & Listings - set "Dynamic URL" to http://yourdomain.com/idx-agent-bio-listings/

B. Photo Gallery - set "Dynamic URL" to http://yourdomain.com/idx-photo-gallery/

C. More Info - set "Dynamic URL" to http://yourdomain.com/idx-more-info/

D. Schedule Showing - set "Dynamic URL" to  http://yourdomain.com/idx-schedule-showing/

You can do it this way:

1. Click Designs > Website > Wrappers > Pages > Agent Bio & Listings > Dynamic > Paste "Dynamic URL" with correct beginning http or https  - http://yourdomain.com/idx-agent-bio-listings/

2. Click "Save Changes"

3. Repeat it for other 3 Pages (B,C,D above)