You can use your server Cron Jobs to import yours listings automatically to your WordPress e.g. once per day at midnight. Every server is little different so we recommend to firstly contact your hosting provider and ask how to schedule this 2 commands on your type of server.


Below you can find example how to configure it via cPanel 68.0.39

1. Your 2 unique cron jobs can be found at the bottom of MyHome IDX Broker > "Import listings assigned to your account" page


2. Login to your cPanel. Search for "Cron Jobs"

3. Click Cron Jobs


4. You will see option to Add New Cron Job

5. Go to your /wp-admin/ - copy first link from your WordPress

6. Go to your cPanel "Add New Cron Jobs" - set "Common Settings" (e.g. once per day). Type this command: wget -O /dev/null -q and paste link. Click "Add New Cron Jobs"

7. Go to your /wp-admin/ - copy second link from your WordPress

8. Set it Once Per Minute. Type this command: wget -O /dev/null -q and paste link. Click "Add New Cron Jobs"

Both Added Cron Jobs should be visible in the table below

Now Your WordPress will be automatically synchronized with IDX Broker account listings once a day. It will works exactly the same as manually clicking "Import Listings" button. If you use the newest version of the MyHome IDX Broker plugin it is also integrated with "Import Agents" so if you add any new agent to your IDX Broker account cron job will automatically add new user profile and assign listings to this account.


If automatic import is not working correctly please make sure you correctly added "wget -O /dev/null -q" before links (Point 6 and 8)