1. Please make sure IMPress for IDX Broker plugin is installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/idx-broker-platinum/

2. Edit Page with WPBakery Page Builder

3. Add new element Omnibar

4. Click Save Changes ("Additional Fields" option is available since MyHome 3.1.8)

5. Your Omnibar will be added at the end of the page. You can drag and drop it.

5. Update Page

6. If the dropdown list is cut e.g. like this example below - it is because your container has CSS rule overflow hidden

7. You can fix it by editing container (in this example it is Row) and add overflow-initial class to it

8. You can customize your Omnibar settings via IDX IMPress Plugin. To see this page below make sure your IDX Broker API Key is added in the IDX IMPress > Initial settings):