Dynamic Wrapper Pages always display a black box e.g. IDX Basic Search -



The correct link to this page can be found in your MyHome IDX Broker > Live MLS Feed >Your IDX Broker Pages

You will see list of your IDX Broker Pages


In this case it is: https://idx.myhometheme.net/idx/search/basic . You can visit this page and you will see included IDX Broker Search Fomr instead of placeholder:


It is because this Basic Search Page ( https://idx.myhometheme.net/idx/search/basic ) use as a Dynamic Wrapper this page: https://demo9.myhometheme.net/idx-basic-search/ . If we modify anything on the

https://demo9.myhometheme.net/idx-basic-search/ page and Clear IDX Wrappers Cache it will also be visible on the Basic Search Page ( https://idx.myhometheme.net/idx/search/basic ). Dynamic Wrapper source is set this way:


Pages that are in your WordPress will always display Placeholder box, only IDX Broker Pages can display in the place of placeholder working code.