Table of Contents

I. Integration Overview

II. How to configure pricing table

III. Payment Gateways 


I. Integration Overview

Memberships and packages enable you to turn your website into a source of revenue. MyHome is integrated with WooCoomerce. With flexible payment packages, you can create customized offers for your clients that will meet their varied needs e.g.

II. How to configure Pricing Table

WooCommerce plugin is a part of MyHome Theme. Please make sure it is installed (

2. Turn on payment module, choose pricing table page (Submit property form will redirect to it when someone fill the form):


You can find 2 links in your /wp-admin/


Please visit Product and you will see available packages


By default after demo impor you will see:

You can remove any of it or add new:

Add sample package e.g. "1 Featured" and set Product Data: MyHome Package

Configure package,

- regular price

- optional sale price

- properties number = number of regular properties

- featured properties number = number of featured properties


e.g. $5 for 1 featured property


Please Publish


Visit your Pricing Table page (default


Add your package to any place you wish e.g.


It will be visible on your pricing table



III. Payment Gateways

Please check official WooCoomerce documentation