We recommend W3 Total Cache plugin.

1. Go to plugins and search for it

2. Install and Activate

3. Click General Settings:

Set following options only:


Page Cache


Page Cache: enable

Page Cache Method: Disk: Enhanced



Minify: enable

Minify mode: Auto

Minify Cache Method: Disk

HTML minifier: Minify (default)

JS minifier: JSMin (default)

CSS minifier: Minify (default)

Database Cache

Database Cache: Enable

Database Cache Method: Disk

Object Cache


Object Cache: Enable

Object Cache Method: Disk

Fragment cache disk


Fragment Cache Method: Disk

Save all settings


Go to Minify via left menu

HTML & XML settings: Enable

Inline CSS minification: Enable

Inline JS minification: Enable

Line break removal: Enable

Save all settings


7.Go To Revolution Slider Global Settings:

Set “Insert JavaScript Into Footer” ON

Set “Load all JavaSCript libraries” ON