1. Main price

1. Visit MyHyhome Panel > General tab > Open Price Settings

2. Decide (checkbox) if you would like to "use main price as a range field (from - to)"

3. If it is unchecked you will see only one price on the backend:

4. It is checked you will see 2 price fields "from" and "to"

2. Multiple prices 

1. To add more Prices visit Properties >> Offer type

2. Add New Offer Type e.g. "For Rent /day"  

2. Check "Add additional price field"

3. If you wish to make this field range please also check this option:


If you wish to display price on the property card, check below option:


It will look like this:

Sample configuration:

- Main Price - "single price"

- Additional price "For Rent /day" with checked "Add additional price field - price range "from" - "to""


Single Property Page


Important: slider can display only main price: 


To make fields available at front-end submit property panel:


Property cards display multiple prices: