Property field panel is a place where you can customize many options that will make your page unique and perfectly suited to your business model:


Actions you can do

1. Add any new field:

  • text-field e.g. city
  • number field e.g. floor

2. Change the order of the fields via drag and drop

3. Remove any field that is not core, core fields can be hidden only

4. Edit field via "Cog" icon

5. You can set own name

6. You can set unique slug for text fields (A "slug" is the piece of the URL e.g. /city/)

7. You can set parent field e.g. For "Street" it can be "City", so when the city change only good streets will be displayed.

8. Display on single property - decide if the field will be visible on the property page

9. Check "Display as a link" so it will possible to click it and go to category page

10. Display on the property card e.g. search form or carousels

11. Single property page: display in a separate section. For multiple values it will look like this:

12. If it is Number field you can choose "Unit of measure"

13. Search Form field type:


a. drop-down list

b. drop-down list - multiple select

c. input text

d. checkbox

e. left/right: radio button || top/bottom - drop-down list

When sidebar is left:

when it is bottom top it is dropdown:

14. Fullwidth

15. Placeholder - it is displayed in the search form field before the user enters a value

16. Suggestions: all existing

17. Suggestions Most Popular + limit

18. Suggestions: static values. It can be used for bathrooms:

You can check also this article for more information about static values: How To Change The Order Of Options In A Dropdown List or Hide Some Option via Static Values