1. Find both files you want to update:

- MyHome Theme .po file 

- MyHome Core plugin .po file

2. Please backup both files for security reasons

3. Please unzip the official package - (if you do not have it yet, please visit this page to download: https://themeforest.net/downloads )

4. Download MyHome - "Instalable WordPress file only"

5. Unzip package

6. Visit myhome/plugins in your unziped folder

7. Unzip myhome-core.zip file

8. Open po file you wish to update and click "Catalogue" > "Update from POT file" and select new .pot files

for theme .po file -  /myhome/languages/myhome.po

for plugin .po file - /myhome-core/languages/myhome-core.po

e.g. for theme it will look like this: