This article explains how to customize menu.

1. Click Appearance >> Menus

2. Click "create a new menu"

3. Add menu name and click "Create Menu"

4. Check MH Position and save

5. Add your links

6. If you wish add links to automaticly generated pages please scroll to top and click "Screen Options"

7. Select text fields

8. You can now add it to menu 

9. If you wish to add link to page that is not in the system you can do it via "Custom Links"

10. Save Menu (please make sure MH Position is checked)

12. Your new menu will be visible

13. More options related to menu can be found in the MyHome Theme > Header > General

  • Upload Logo
  • Display "Submit Property" button
  • Sticky Menu
  • menu height / logo height
  • and more

14. To customize Top Bar, please choose MyHome Theme > Header > Top Bar

15. You can customize there phone, address and more. To remove Social Icons, please remove "#" sign or change it to your own link

16. Transparent menu option can be set for each page independly in the page options: