1. Please make sure you use new version of a theme (you can download it from your: https://themeforest.net/downloads/ ). This point is especialy important for customer who bought Listivo long time ago (e.g. 6 months ago) and try to use old previously downloaded file. 

2. Please make sure all required and recommended plugins are installed and activated: : Contact Form 7, Elementor, Listivo Core , Listivo Updater and MC4WP. If it is not activated and installed you should see notification in your /wp-admin/ that provide link to plugin installation / activation

After Installing theme and activating it, menu importer should be visible in the /wp-admin/ menu:

2. Deactivate all plugins that are not a part of a theme. The only plugins that can be installed are:


3. If you choose your demo and it do not works it is probably because your hosting provided limit default server settings and it need to be increased in the server panel server has some settings. It should be easy to set in the server panel (PHP.ini / PHP settings) or you can ask your hosting provider where to change it to PHP Version 5.6 or greater. PHP settings:

  • upload_max_filesize = 64M
  • post_max_size = 64M
  • max_input_time=300
  • max_execution_time=300
  • memory_limit = 256M

 4. If it is still not working, please send us:

- WordPress link and administrator login / password

- FTP (or some kind of server panel) - link / login / password

via support@tangibledesign.net - one of our developers will help you. Sending credentials in the first email will allow us to help you faster