To run Google Maps on your website you will need to generate Google Maps API Key and add it to you MyHome Theme Panel. It is required to enable 3 APIs to run it correctly: JavaScript API, Geocoding API, Places API. Article below explains how to create this kind of key:


1. Visit 

2. Sign in with your Google Account

3. Click the “GET STARTED” button

4. Check "Maps" and "Places"

5. Enter a new project name

6. Choose your billing account or create a new billing account (Google charge only very popular websites, you can read more about it here: ) Adding Billing account is required to display Google Maps on your website

7. Please make sure following APIs are enabled:

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Geocoding API
  • Places API


You can enable it this way by clicking "ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES":


and search e.g. "Geocoding API" and click on it


8. Copy Google Map API Key into your MyHome Theme > Map